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Renovated for Motor Control Center at GSP1 Substation and Renovated for Intelligent Protection Relay in MCC cubicles at GSP#5 Substation

Constructed Fertilizer Factory and Electrical & Control System

Gusco’ Water Plant at Maptaphut Industrial Estate , Rayong

Installation Cleanroom and Utilities for Sensity RX1 Production

Ashley Hotel, 8th Floor Building (Bangkok)

Installed Explosion Proof LED Lighting and Cables at GSP1, GSP#3, Tank Farm, ESP and GSP#5 Substation

Improvement Lighting, CCTV, Telephone , Internet, Public Announcement, Fire Alarm and Emergency & Exit Light System as Underground

Project Description: Manpower Supply for Project Management at SRF Industries (Thailand) Company Factory (BOPET Film Line 2)

Supply Manpower for Project Management at B.Grimm Power' 16 MW Wind Farm at Mukdahan

Constructed for Electrical and Mechanical System for Main Corporate Office Building at Ayutthaya During Nov 2010 to : Dec 2013 // Contract Amount 78,450,000 Baht

Installation for Electrical and Automation System Period : During May 2014 to Aug 2015 // Contract amount : 20,500,000 Baht

Installation for Electrical and Automaton System at PWA Water plant During : May 2013 to Dec 2017 // Combined several contracts : 74,480,000 Baht)

Replacement 22kV MV Switchgear // Period During Year 2010 to Y2013 // Contract Amount :16,800,000 Baht)

Installation Electrical System // Period : During Nov 2011 to May 2012 // Contract Amount : 27,000,000 Baht

Installation for Electrical system // Period : Sep 2014 to June 2015 // Contract amount : 24,890,000 Baht

Project Management of Renovation for New OCS3 Substation

Supply manpower (Battery Manufacturer)

Renovate Motor Control Center at GSP1 Substation Project Project period: Started: September 2019 / Finished: June 2020 Contract amount: 23,819,000 Baht

- Installation for Electrical System of HVAC System for Expansion of PTT LNG and HVAC System for Heavy Gas Plant of PTTGC // Contract amount : 6,800,000 Baht - Installation for Electrical System of HVAC System for GUT Power Plant, Uthaithani/ Nong Seang Combined Cycle Power Plant, Saraburi/ Khanom Power Plant, Nakornsrithamarat Period : During Sep 2014 to June 2015 // Contract amount : 12,800,000 Baht

Renovated for New OCS3 Substation // Contract amount : 120,000,000 Baht

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